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Chicago Roofing Contractors Company provides all Residential Roofing Services for the Metro Atlanta Area. Our services include New Roofs, Re Roof, and Repairs. As a home owner, your likely to fall into the Residential Roofing category. It is common that most residential homes have steep or low sloped roofs. There are times when a home may have a Flat Porch as well. Not to worry, for we will address all the components of a sound roof system for your home.


Residential Roof Repairs Chicago



Roof Deck Protection is commonly known as felt or tar paper. The decking must be covered by the tar paper prior to shingle application. Staples or plastic caps may be used to install the felt.



Weather Guard Barrier System is to be installed in all valleys, walls, and chimney wall lines.



Flashing (metal) is installed into all chimney wall lines to help shed the water away from the brick, siding, or stucco. Wall lines need flashing if the old metal is damaged.



An effective attic ventilation system (ridge vent) is to be installed onto all horizontal ridge lines. The ventilation system is paramount for the longevity of the roof system.



New plumbing boots should be installed onto all soil pipes and sealed with NP-1 Sealant. Heat stacks and collars are to be re-sealed and painted to match new roof color. Old rusted roof jacks should be replaced.



A Timberline or 3 tab shingle is to be installed onto the substrate. The manufacturer’s specifications are followed to the letter. All nails are placed in the correct area to secure the shingle in place. The grounds are cleaned with a fine tooth comb and all debris is hauled away. This will complete the basics for Residential Roofing.



Chicago Roofing Guys has the solution to your Residential Roofing needs!